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ESET is a private limited software security company. It specializes in offering cybersecurity products in more than 200 countries as well as territories. Additionally, the security products of the ESET are designed in Europe. This company is known for offering security products for businesses and homes. The product created by this company is able to cover all the operating systems across the cloud, server, and mobile deployments. The head office of ESET company is situated in Bratislava, Slovakia. Additionally, its regional offices are located across the country. Plus, the branches of the company are located in San Diego, Singapore, Tokyo, Buenos Aires Office, and others.


Headquarters Bratislava, Slovakia
Industry Antivirus Software
Founder(s) Rudolf Hruby, Peter Pasko, & Miroslav Trnka
Incorporation Date 1-Jan-1992
Official Website
CEO Richard Marko

To Know More

The founders of the ESET are Rudolf Hrubý, Peter Paŝko, and Miroslav Trnka. The company was founded in 1992. The current CEO of the ESET company is Richard Marko. Additionally, the company's key people are the Maroŝ, Pavol Luka, Ignacio Sbampato, Martin Baluŝík, and Juraj Malcho. The revenue of ESET, as per the last updated data, is 526 million US dollars. 

Moreover, the company has focused so much on malware detection operations. Apart from that, it also emphasizes cyber-criminal groups and advanced persistent threat groups. And around 40% of the employees of the company work in this field. Additionally, ESET tracks Sandworm, which is one of the most infamous groups. After the Ukrainian Power Grid attack in 2015 and the global NotPetya ransomware attack in 2017, the ESET started tracking Sandworm after its attribution. This led ESET to discover a new backdoor called Exaramel. It was the improved version of the industroyer backdoor. 

There are about 13 R&D centers of ESET worldwide, and it is considered an impressive malicious code detector innovator. In its detection engine, the company introduced heuristic analysis in 1995. The work of the Heuristic scanner is to run in the in-product sandbox to check their behavior and calculate the risk. As a result, it was even able to detect dangerous codes that were unknown and hard to detect. 

In the year 2012, Exploit Blocker was introduced by the ESET. The work of the Exploit Blocker was to inspect abused applications for dangerous activities that can lead to any exploit. Thus, it is used to monitor applications such as document reader, Adobe flash, Java, web browser, and all the components of Microsoft Office. As a result, it is helpful in protecting your computer device from malicious threats and zero-day attacks. 


The first product launched by the ESET was NOD in Czechoslovakia; at this time, it was the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence. Additionally, private entrepreneurship was not allowed during the communist regime. In 1992, Miran Trnka and Peter Paŝko, along with Rudolf Hrubý, established their first-ever company ESET. Additionally, while working on the NOD, the company also started working on the development of the Perspekt. 

In the year 2013, WeLiveSecurity was launched. It was a blog site whose primary focus was providing a huge spectrum of security-related topics. Plus, the company released a short document on the occasion of its first product completing the 30-year mark. The documentary shows the business's development from the perspective of its founders, Peter Paško and Miroslav Trnka. Besides that, in the same year, to integrate technology into chrome clean up, the company partnered with Google. 

Furthermore, in 2018, the company partnered with No More Ransom. It is a global initiative that works for victims of the ransomware decryption key and removes the pressure of paying the attackers. Additionally, the organization is supported by Interpol along with various national police forces. Apart from that, the company has also built multiple technologies for addressing the danger of ransomware. Plus, it has released numerous researched and insightful papers to document the evolution of ransomware. 

What Are the Products/services of ESET?

The products offered by the company are

  • ESET Smart Security
  • ESET Endpoint Antivirus
  • ESET Remote Administrator
  • ESET Cyber Security
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus
  • ESET SysRescue Live. 

ESET Highlights

  • The ESET company came into existence in 1992.
  • The founders of the company are Rudolf Hrubý, Peter Paŝko, and Miroslav Trnka.
  • As of 2018, the net income of the ESET organization was 68.1 million euros. 
  • In 2020 the number of employees working in this company was more than 18 hundred. 
  • This company offers services all across the world. 
  • The revenue of the company is 526 million US dollars. 
  • In 2017 the organization launched the Ransomware shield that is beneficial in monitoring and evaluating all the executed applications. 
  • The ESET has launched various other modules, such as Deep Behavioral Inspection, Exploit Blocker, and Advanced Memory Scanner. 
  • The company has various products that offer an extra layer of security. Some security layers are Network Attack Protection, and Script-based attack protection, Botnet protection, and Brute-Force Attack protection. 

The Regional Offices and Development Centers Of ESET

Below is the list of the development centers and regional offices of the ESET company-

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Krakow, Poland (2008)
  • Košice, Slovakia
  • Jena, Germany
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Munich, Germany
  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • Iași, Romania
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Milan, Italy 
  • Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic 
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Bournemouth, UK
  • Taunton, UK
  • Žilina, Slovakia
  • Mexico City, Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ESET is a private computer software company that offers cyber security services to its customers. Plus, the company provides various other services such as smart security, endpoint security, cybersecurity, remote administration, NOD32 Antivirus, and NOD32 Antivirus. 

The ESET company was founded in 1992 by Rudolf Hrubý, Peter Paŝko, and Miroslav Trnka. It is a Slovakia company. Plus, the headquarter of the company is located in Bratislava. 

When the company was founded in Czechoslovakia, it was under the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence. However, now the company is part of Slovakia. 

Yes, ESET comes in the category of one of the most authentic organizations. Additionally, the security antivirus products this company offers are very premium. So, it can be a worthwhile choice to go for the ESET products if you want to give your computer complete security from online attacks.

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