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Having trouble with your ESET Antivirus

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Add protection to my ESET device

ESET offers best-in-class protection against offline and online threats. ESET packs many features to protect your system against such threats, including a spam filter, firewall, parental control, and more. However, this blog will be useful if you want to extend protection to your ESET account. Continue reading this content to the end to find out how to add protection to your ESET account.

Solution 1: Enable the ESET's Secure all browser option.

  1. Open the ESET's main program window.
  2. Click Setup, followed by Security tools.
  3. Click the toggle next to Secure all browsers to enable it. You also need to enable the Banking & Payment Protection feature to enable Secure all browsers.
  4. To allow the full functionality of the Secure all browsers feature, you must restart your browser if required.

Solution 2: Configure Browser Protection and Secured Browser Setting.

  1. Open the main program window of ESET products. 
  2. To open the Advanced Setup, press the F5 key. 
  3. Click Web and Email>Banking & Payment protection. 
  4. Here configure the settings and click OK to exit the Advanced Setup.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

To open specific websites with Banking & Payment Protection secured browser, you must add those sites to the Protected website list. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Open the main program window of ESET products and press the F5 button to open Advanced Setup.
  2. Click Web and Email>Banking & Payment protection.
  3. Next, you need to disable Secure all Browsers by clicking the toggle next to it.
  4. Confirm that Enable protected websites redirection is enabled.
  5. Next to Protected websites, click Edit>Add.
  6. Here, add the desired website you want to access.
  7. In the Website page field, type or copy/paste the website link.
  8. Choose an option next to Open this website and click OK.
  9. The website will be added in the Website column.

When you disable the Secure all browsers feature, all websites can be opened in normal browsers. When you disable the Secure all browser, only the website included in the Protected websites list and ESET internal internet banking list will be redirected to the Banking & Payment Protection secured browser. To disable the Secure all browsers option, go to your ESET Product's Advanced Setup>Web and Email>Banking & Payment protection and disable Secure all browsers.

Yes, ESET Internet Security is very effective against online threats. In addition to the firewall, parental control features, and spam filter, you also get webcam security, online banking protection, and a home network analyzer. Few people don't want features such as parental control or anti-theft software, so ESET doesn't enable these features by default. If you wish, you can choose them in the initial installation.

If you want to create a firewall rule to allow certain applications in Windows ESET HOME products, then you must follow the instructions below:
  1. Open the main program window of ESET products and press the F5 button to open Advanced Setup.
  2. Click Network Protection>Firewall.
  3. Expand the Advanced section and click Edit.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Into the name field, type a name for the rule, and choose your desired options from the Direction and Action drop-down menus.
  6. Click the Local tab, then click Browse.
  7. Select the application you want to create the rule for, and click Open.
  8. Click OK> OK> OK.

ESET's parental control feature filters out web content. You must turn on this feature, as ESET doesn't enable parental control by default. Once you enable this feature, you must set a password to protect your settings. The Parental Control module boasts a quick enable and disable function and various settings. Parents can control and monitor their kids' internet access from the module by configuring an age for Microsoft windows User Accounts.

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