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Having trouble with your Sophos Antivirus

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Remove Sophos pop ups ads

The pop-up ads are a way to redirect the user to a different page. You are more likely to get pop-up ads if you have Sophos safeguard. They may occur several times and may be annoying sometimes. Thankfully, you can get rid of these just by disabling the pop-up messages.

To disable pop-up ads:

  1. Sign in to your Safeguard Management Center
  2. Then, select Policies from the left Menu. 
  3. Now, expand the menu list and choose Default machine-specific settings
  4. Hereafter, scroll down to see the options section. 
  5. Expand the drop-down Menu of the “Enable and show” system tray icon. 
  6. Choose Silent. 
  7. Then, click Save. 
  8. Lastly, click OK on the pop-up that tells which group the policy applies.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

To disable Sophos notifications on Windows 10:
  1. Go to the Start menu by clicking the Windows icon on the system tray. 
  2. Locate "Notifications" and choose "Notifications and actions settings" from the search results. 
  3. Then a new menu will open. There is a toggle switch on the top of the menu "Get notifications from apps and other senders." 
  4. Turn this switch off, and it will remove all notifications.

You may be unable to delete files due to leftovers of previously installed Sophos programs or corrupted files. The issue may arise when a third-party uninstaller deletes the components to uninstall Sophos.

Deleting a device from Sophos will free up the device count on your Sophos Home account. And you will not be able to manage the Sophos software of the deleted device from the dashboard. However, the software will run until you uninstall it from your device.

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