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Having trouble with your Sophos Antivirus

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Remove my credit card from Sophos account

You cannot remove the credit card from your Sophos account. You can either change the payment method or cancel the subscription to remove all your details linked to your Sophos account. Once you cancel it, a confirmation mail will be sent to you. And it will contain a link to manage or cancel the subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You can delete Sophos Endpoint from your computer or server. If the tamper protection is enabled, you will need to put the password before uninstalling Sophos Endpoint. You will get the password from the Sophos Central administrator.

To turn off Sophos tamper protection, go to Policies and double-click Tamper protection. After that, double-click on the policy you need to change. Then, check or uncheck the Enable tamper protection checkbox in the Tamper protection box.

To remove the Sophos endpoint manually:
  1. Go to the Start button and click the Settings icon. 
  2. Then, click Apps. 
  3. Locate the Sophos Endpoint Agent by scrolling down the list of installed apps. 
  4. After that, tap Sophos Endpoint Agent. 
  5. Then, click Uninstall, and again tap Uninstall to confirm. 
  6. If prompted, insert a username and password to continue the uninstall. 
  7. Click Uninstall to confirm. 
  8. The uninstallation process may take a while. Wait till it's complete. 
  9. Allow running a restart to complete the uninstallation. 
  10. Tick the Restart checkbox and press Close to restart your computer. 
  11. When the restart is complete, the Sophos will get uninstalled.

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