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McAfee is a premium computer security company that offers real time malware detection alongside many web protection services. It was launched in 1987 by John McAfee and today, it has an extensive list of antivirus products that have the capability of covering an infinite number of desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Its software can detect both simple and complex online threats in real time, including viruses, spywares, trojans, cryptojackers and ransomware. Some of the most beneficial extra features of McAfee products include Firewall and Wi-Fi network protection, Virtual private network (VPN), Anti-phishing protection, Performance optimization, Identity theft protection, Parental controls, and Password manager.

Mcafee Inc.

Headquarters Santa Clara, California
Industry Antivirus Software
Founder(s) John McAfee
Incorporation Date 1987
Official Website
CEO Peter Leav

To Know More

If you know what antivirus software is, there are fair chances that you have heard the name McAfee. This computer security software company came into existence in 1987, and since then, it has contributed to saving millions of computer systems from viruses. As of now, it is one of the most powerful and most authentic antivirus software company available in the market. 

Furthermore, McAfee is not only known for its world-class antivirus tools, but also it has many other services to offer. It is best known for its features, such as a special malware detection rate, password manager, VPN, and others. Plus, it provides excellent customer support services to its customers. 

Brief History

McAfee was established with the name of McAfee Associates, Inc in 1987. Later its name was changed many times, and it is currently known as McAfee Corporation. The founder of McAfee Corp, John McAfee, resigned from the company in 1994. In February 2011, Intel bought the company, and McAfee became part of the Intel Security division. However, in 2017 after a deal, the company separated from Intel. 

In 2019, it started the partnership with Google Cloud and worked towards integrating McAfee’s Mvision and endpoint security technology with the cloud infrastructure of Google. 

Additionally, in 2020, in an initial public offering, the McAfee company and its shareholders raised 740 million dollars, and it had a value of around $8.6 billion. It was due to the amazing shares listed in the prospectus of this company. As of now, the current CEO of McAfee is Greg Johnson.

McAfee Highlights

  • McAfee is a computer security software company that was founded in 1987.
  • The founder of the company is John McAfee.
  • The company headquarters is in San Jose, California, United States.
  • McAfee products compatible with most operating systems, including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. 

What are the Benefits of McAfee Antivirus Products?

McAfee has a lot of advantageous features to offer, which gives its user a seamless and secure experience. Here are some of the major pros of McAfee products. 

  1. Offers multi-user services.
  2. The interface of its software is simple and user-friendly.
  3. Offers ample encrypted storage. 
  4. Offers essential features such as VPN and password manager. 
  5. Well known for its excellent customer support services. 

However, there are some drawbacks of McAfee, which are minor compared to the security features it offers. Some of its disadvantages are that the iOS version does not work very well, and the App boost feature does not seem to be very effective. 

What are the Security Features McAfee Offers?

McAfee is a revolutionary platform that provides top-notch security features. It helps you protect your computer’s vital data from ransomware, malware, and crypto-jacking. Besides that, it offers various other features to protect your essential documents and give your computer more speed while web browsing. It also helps you keep your password and data safe. 

Learn about the top security features of McAfee in detail by going through the sections below.


The firewall works as a wall between the malware and your computer device. In simple terms, it helps recognize the viruses before they enter your computer. As a result, it provides safety from cyberattacks effectively. 

Additionally, the McAfee firewall allows you to perform various activities that are beneficial. So, some of the functions of the McAfee Firewall are-

  • It allows you to hide your computer from others by activating the stealth mode. 
  • With the help of the McAfee Firewall, you can allow or block any internet connection and IP address. 
  • It has a lockdown feature that allows you to disable the internet connection easily on your computer. 
  • If you want to know who wants to connect to the computer device, you can use the ‘Net Guard’ feature to check if you can trust them or not. 

Quick Clean

Quick Clean is a remarkable and handy feature that helps you keep your computer clean from unnecessary files. As a result, it keeps your computer secure and improves its speed.

It eliminates any temporary files and cookies from your computer device to free up space. Additionally, it also reduces the chances of hackers getting any information about your computer and harming your device. 

McAfee Scan

McAfee Scan is an amazing feature to scan your computer device thoroughly. It offers three types of scans on your device. The first one is a Quick or Full scan, the second one offers to select any specific folder or file to scan, and the last is a Vulnerability scanner. Additionally, the quick scan feature takes around 5-10 minutes to scan the system, while the full scan takes up to 30 minutes (half an hour).

Apart from that, the vulnerability scanner searches for every type of security patch in your computer system and tells you to update any specific application. This helps in reducing the potential risk of cyberattacks on your computer system. 

Ransomware Protection

As it is clear from its name, it helps us protect our computer from malicious hackers who attack our devices and ask for money. The McAfee Ransomware Protection provides your device with a robust wall of real-time protection. 

Plus, the best thing about this is that it does not interfere with your online experience. So, if you use McAfee ransomware protection, you do not even realize it's there until you look for it. 

Password Manager (True Key)

The True Key Password Manager allows you to keep your password secure and safe. Here are some of its key features.

  • It helps you store all your sensitive data at one place by offering the Login feature.
  • Wallet features help you keep your credit card protected.
  • The safe note gives you a place to write your personal and sensitive information. 
  • It gets passwords from various browsers.

More Features

Apart from the above-listed features, it has various other features like 

  • McAfee speed up, 
  • web boost, VPN, 
  • webAdviser, 
  • Shredder, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

McAfee is a computer software company based in America. It is a computer software company that develops antivirus software. Plus, Its headquarter is located in San Jose, California, U.S. 

MacAfee and Norton are two different companies. They both provide top-notch antivirus security products and services for individuals, small businesses and big enterprises. Both companies offer similar products; however, McAfee surpasses Norton in some product features.

Currently, McAfee Corp. is owned by Intel. This company was bought by Intel in February 2011. Since then, McAfee has become part of Intel's security division.

Yes, McAfee is a product-based company that has users across the world. It offers powerful antivirus software to keep PC and smartphones safe and secure. Additionally, the company provides security services for big enterprises.

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