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Having trouble with your Malwarebytes Antivirus

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Unable to login my Malwarebytes account

Sometimes you may be unable to log in to your Malwarebytes account. This issue occurs when your account is locked due to entering the wrong credentials or unusual account activity. You may have reached the maximum limit for invalid attempts, which in turn, locks your account temporarily.


  • You may have entered an incorrect email or password. This is why your account is temporarily locked for 24 hours.
  • An unusual attempt to log in locks your account for security purposes.


  • If your account has been locked for 24 hours, wait for it and try to log in again.
  • Always verify that you are entering the correct email and password. Check whether the numbers, capitalization, and special characters are entered correctly.
  • If you forgot the correct password, reset it and try to log in again. To reset your password, go to Forgot password for My Account. 
  • If nothing works and your account is locked for security reasons, contact the professional team.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There can be many reasons for not being able to connect to Malwarebytes. For instance, installation errors, context-missing issues, or several other technical glitches may arise. Apart from this, malware infection can be a big reason for Malwarebytes to stop connecting.

Go to the system tray icon and right-click on it. Then, select Start Protection from the pop-up menu. Now double-click on the system tray icon and select Start Protection once you see Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.

To activate Malwarebytes on another computer, follow the given instructions:
  • Start by logging into My Account.
  • Move to Create and manage your Malwarebytes Account to get instructions if you must set up a My Account profile.
  • Then, go to the Subscriptions tab and click on a subscription card.
  • Now, tap "Add device."
  • Then, select Add another device in the pop-up window.

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